Mathematics a special art form

As we known, art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities, usually involving imaginative or technical skill. Public can easily access to diverse types of art like visual arts including the creation of images or presenting object visually, literature and performing arts represented by music, theater, film and dance.However few people get the idea that there is a special art form,mathematics as well as science. Continue reading

Black Maga Apprenticeship

Most people think magic is something only existing in fantasy world, however, they are actually misled.

Magic are not only existing in real world, but also widely used by all of you. However, in fear of people’s wrongly using of the power of magic, some sophisticated magicians. decided to make it a secret few centuries ago. Not until the last century, did some young magicians, for example Alan Turing, find a creative way to contain the power of magic inside various kinds of containers. At beginning, the container was very big and could only contain very little power of magic, so only few trained intellects can use this kind of containers to perform very powerless magic.

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